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Summer Well Checks

With summer vacation calling, scheduling your child’s back-to-school, annual checkup, or sports physical may be the last thing on your mind, but early summer is actually the BEST time of year to do so! So, beat the rush! Our office isn’t nearly as busy in June and July as it will be right before school resumes, when a lot of parents are rushing to squeeze well visits in at the last minute. Avoid the time crunch by calling our office today. Save even more time (and money) by requesting to have any forms, such as for camp or sports participation, filled out during your child’s visit.

Call our office today at (256) 999-0808 to schedule your child's annual check-up!


Why Are Well Child Exams Necessary? You work hard to keep your kid healthy and safe, from making sure they’re eating their veggies to ensuring they wear helmets when riding their bikes. Well child exams help provide the same type of preventative care as eating their green beans or exercising. Check out these benefits that well child exams from Kids First Pediatrics provide: Check-in for growth: height, weight, and BMI. This helps ensure your kids are on the right track for appropriate growth for their age and physical build. Recognize any potential problems. A well child check-up helps your pediatrician foresee any potential issues that your child may encounter and offer preventative care or treatment. Test hearing and vision. Help your child start their summer off right with a hearing and vision check during their well child exam. These simple tests can help set them up for success in the summer season and in school. Stay up-to-date on immunizations. Vaccinating your children is a great way to keep them safe and healthy. Well child exams are a good time for them to receive immunizations and booster shots necessary for school in the fall. A complete physical exam. Well child exams help get kids ready for summer/fall sports with a physical exam.

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